We understand the appeal of a discounted agent—looking at all those fees add up on paper can make anyone feel nauseous! But we’re here to give you our perspective as to why working with a discounted agent could end up being a nightmare scenario.

Knowing the Area

Discounted agents are discounted for a reason—or more likely a number of reasons. Maybe they’re new to the area, the state, or just altogether new to selling real estate. There are many little nuances of different cities or even specific neighborhoods that are best understood by a seasoned advisor. Hiring an agent that knows the pros and cons of all the neighborhoods and towns you are interested in is essential. Our team is not only dedicated to providing the best quality service to our clients, but we also consider ourselves experts in knowing the areas we work in. Not only do we know from a professional standpoint but this is our community. We don’t just work here, we live here too!

Market Expertise & Exposure

Qualities that go into being a good agent go much further than just having access to MLS. Sure, your brother’s best friend’s uncle’s next door neighbor is a real estate agent, but if they aren’t specialized in the area your home is in, it could significantly slow down or ruin the sale process. Why? Because knowing which streets are desirable and why, is often known best by those that live and sell in the area. Same goes for real estate agents; having one that lives in/specializes in your area means they will know how to market your home the best way possible.

Experience & Support

Real estate is an industry where agents learn on the job. And the more sales an agent has completed, the more they know. Having an advisor with a great record of not only closing transactions but working through complications is key. In addition, having an established brokerage behind your advisor is important as well.

The Bruske Team Difference

Being a boutique business means we handle each and every transaction personally. We are the ones at the open houses, showings, inspections, and closings—all of it. Our network includes many contacts with lenders, inspectors, repair companies, and more which means that when something pops up during the buying or selling process, we can help. Our goal is to make the process as seamless as possible for our clients.

As Engel & Völkers advisors, we have the strength and network of this global brokerage behind us! We are experts at relocation, as well as buying or selling outside of Arizona. We don’t just recommend an agent to you in another state, often we know a trusted advisor to partner with to assist you. Let the Bruske Team show you how it’s done! We are dependable, fun, full-service, and ready to exceed your expectations. Let’s talk—we’re here to answer your questions or talk through concerns as well.