“A picture is worth 1,000 words” is cliche’ because it’s true! When it comes to selling your home, having great images of your home is crucial. Why is that? Because words can be subjective. Describing a home as cozy, could mean it’s actually a comfortable space…or it could mean that it’s a very very small space. But a great picture of that space is going to leave no room for misinterpretation. However, just any old picture you snap on your phone might be doing you a disservice. Here are three reasons why professional pictures are important to a successful sale of your home.

Get Your Best Foot Forward

Yes our mobile phones have amazing cameras, but, they still have limits. Having a professional home photographer means you’re getting not just a great camera, but a great photographer too. This professional will know what time of day to shoot, what angle to photograph, and filter images to get the best result. For example, check out this first image:

modern kitchen

Nice, right? But now look at the professional version:

modern kitchen

Wow, what a difference! Not only is the lighting better, making the space look bright, but the appliance cabinet is now open and the distracting items on the island are removed. You’re no longer left wondering what that metal door is hiding and you can take in the feel of the space.

Cohesive Feel

Taking images at the right time of day to capture the best light is not only good for the images, but it helps to create a cohesive feel of the images. Remember that the people viewing your listing will be trying to get an idea of how your home is laid out. If some images are shot in the evening, some in the morning, some on an iPhone…the end result is going to be confusing. Having a professional means that there will be less distractions (like bad lighting and clutter) leaving the viewer with a great feel for your home.

Thorough Inventory

It doesn’t mater if we’ve lived in our homes ten months or ten years, we are going to look at it differently than a prospective buyer. And professional photographers have experience in highlighting all the areas of your home. They know that a prospective buyer is going to want to see every room of your home, and some from more than one angle. This thorough view of your home makes it easier for prospective buyers to see all the best parts of your home.

Not sure where to start to find a great home photographer? Don’t worry, that’s what your real estate agent is for! At The Bruske Team, we work with a short list of photographers that each specialize in different types of homes to produce images that showcase your home .

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